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Hot Kente Styles for Graduation 2021

Hot Kente Styles for Graduation 2021

Hot Kente Styles, We often post concerning kente designs for engagement, however we tend to determined to change things up since it’s virtually that point of the graduation year once more.

Ghanaians UN agency square measure graduating from varied universities and schools square measure pretty massive on carrying kente on their graduation day.

If you’re distressed concerning carrying kente on your massive day as a result of you’re not Ghanese and possibly are defendant of cultural appropriation, then don’t.

Kente has become a worldwide fashion staple and intrinsically, everyone and their aunt UN agency aren’t Ghanaians will most definitely gown themselves in kente

We should state that you just aren’t obliged to shop for authentic kente for your graduation. however because it is a very important occasion, and kente is what Ghanaians go down vital occasions, it wouldn’t be dangerous if you get one for yourself.

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