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Trendy South African Traditional Wedding Dresses 2021

South African Traditional Wedding Dresses 2021


South African Traditional Wedding Dresses 2021 The African traditional wedding attire for a Yoruba wedding is named an Alaga Ijoko. The official ceremony happens after the couple’s’ families have met and agreed on their children’s union. A bride’s outfit for the alaga ceremony consists of a gele (a headscarf that’s elaborately tied), a buba (blouse) and an iro, which may be a large material that’s tied around the bride’s waist and is typically ankle length.


The colour of her bridal outfit reflects the color theme her family has chosen and complements the groom’s outfit. Accessories include gold necklace, beads, bangles and gold earrings. The groom wears an agbada, which may be a traditional four-piece outfit. the color of the agbada complements the bride’s outfit while reflecting the color theme chosen by his family.

Dresses Kikuyu Traditional Wedding


The traditional wedding attire for a Kikuyu wedding, which is taken into account because the official wedding ceremony but are often fused with white wedding ceremonies, is named a Ngurario. It concludes the wedding rituals, which incorporates the ruracio (dowry) negotiations which happen between the couples’ families.

Both the bride and groom wear golden/brown lessos that are decorated with beads. Modern brides also wear Ankara or kitenge dresses for a trendy and more modern look. Photo Credit: Antony Trivet Photography

Wedding Dresses Oromo Traditional


On the marriage day, brides and grooms wear an African traditional wedding attire that’s hand-woven from pure cotton and decorated with traditional Oromo prints. the foremost popular bridal gown for ladies is that the Habesha bridal gown , which is amid Habesha jewelry. Buffalaa-Uffannaa Gaa’elaa is that the popular wedding attire for men.

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